One of the unfortunate dynamics with motorcycle accidents is that injuries are typically severe. Due to the lack of protection provided by the body and frame of most vehicles, it is rare someone walks away from motorcycle accidents with minor scrapes. A Connecticut police officer driving a motorcycle was involved in a crash on Tuesday when struck by an oncoming vehicle while driving through an intersection.

The officer was driving home from a court appearance and still technically on duty at the time of the accident. He and a second vehicle collided at a local intersection in New Canaan. The ambulance corps transported the officer for medical care, who is said to have sustained serious injuries. Initial reports, however, suggest they are not life-threatening.

The second vehicle involved in the collision was not initially identified in the immediate aftermath of the collision, which occurred on a Tuesday morning late in August. One official stated that, at this time, it looks like the second vehicle caused the motorcycle accident when that vehicle was turning off of a local roadway. The accident is, however, still pending further investigation.

Regardless of the legal findings, the primary concern here is that the officer, acting in accordance with the law and reportedly wearing his helmet, has suffered injuries that could impact his future. After he and his family have dealt with the road to recovery, they may have to seek supplementary methods of financial assistance to cover his medical expenses. While workers’ compensation benefits may apply to cover some medical expenses and lost income from work, the officer also retains the right to a separate personal injury claim against any third party deemed to have negligently caused or contributed to the collision. Connecticut motorists must be careful to avoid such tragic mishaps, as motorcycle accidents often seem to lead to serious injuries.

Source: New Canaan, CT Patch, New Canaan Officer Injured In Motorcycle Accident, DJ McAneny, Aug. 27, 2013