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Pedestrian accidents in Connecticut can cause severe injuries

| Sep 17, 2013 | Firm News, Pedestrian Accidents

When someone is injured in a car-pedestrian accident, they and their families are struck with distress and rage, especially if the driver of the car fled the scene. Pedestrian accidents are so serious because unlike the driver of a car, a pedestrian has no protection against a vehicle, which makes them vulnerable to serious injuries. The pedestrian’s family can rightfully seek monetary compensation for financial damages sustained in the accident, as criminal charges in Connecticut may not be enough in the situation of the injury of a loved one.

One teenager is dealing with this situation after being struck by a vehicle. The 16-year-old was in front of a gas station in Connecticut when the vehicle hit him. The male driver got out of the vehicle to check on the teenager and then left the area before police could arrive.

The teenager suffered minor injuries in the crash. He was transported to the hospital. Police were still searing for the driver who hit him and fled.

The man who struck the pedestrian may face criminal charges for fleeing the scene, such as felony hit and run. In addition, it is within the rights of the victim to sue the driver in civil court, seeking financial compensation for any losses that resulted from the collision. These typically include medical expenses, loss of income from time missed at work and pain and suffering. If liability in pedestrian accidents is established to the satisfaction of the court in Connecticut, then claims for financial damages will be decided.

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