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Truck accidents in Connecticut can cause serious injuries

| Sep 6, 2013 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

We typically do everything in our power to protect our children, which can make a car accident involving a child one of the most devastating feelings a person can experience. Because of the size and weight of tractor trailers, truck accidents in Connecticut can cause severe and serious injuries to those involved. At the end of August, a head on collision between a tractor trailer and van left a woman and three children with what could be severe physical and emotional damage.

It is unfortunately common that truck accidents in Connecticut frequently result in tragic harm to the victims. When police arrived on the scene of the late August crash, the three children were removed from the van and taken to local trauma centers for immediate treatment, while the unconscious female driver had to be removed and transported separately. The woman may not only be facing her own devastating injuries but those of her children, which could potentially effect their growth, development, and mental health.

It has not been released in recent reports the exact nature of the injuries acquired by the woman and three children, just that they are serious though not fatal. The investigation is ongoing and police have yet to assign liability with either the woman driving the van or the tractor trailer operator. The amount of hospital care and possible therapy this Connecticut woman and three children may need could make it a necessity to pursue restitution to cover medical expenses.

Truck accidents in Connecticut can cause serious injuries and devastating emotional drain to those trying to heal and recognize what their legal options may be. When an investigation is ongoing, the victims have time to begin recovery and prepare for any legal action that the near future may hold. Compensation for monetary damages to children or irreversible wounds can be the primary obligation once liability has been decided.

Source:, Shaker Road in Enfield closed after crash, Joseph Wenzel IV and Matt Campbell, Aug. 30, 2013



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