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Auto accident causes multiple injuries in Connecticut

| Dec 18, 2013 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Driving while impaired by alcohol can have negative consequences, particularly due to the fact that alcohol often causes a person to have a slower reaction time and to misjudge distances. As a result, serious injuries and even death can result. Discovering that a family member has been injured in an alcohol-related auto accident in Connecticut can be troubling because this type of wreck can easily be prevented. Even if the driver ends up being criminally charged in such a situation, monetary damages from a successful civil claim can further help to provide a sense of justice to an injured person in this life-altering scenario.

An accident that took place recently on Route 6 apparently involved drunk driving. The accident happened when a 22-year-old driver was attempting to make a left turn at an intersection. At that moment, a 75-year old man was heading west and went through the intersection, according to authorities.

The two automobiles crashed into one another. The passenger in the 75-year-old man’s vehicle suffered injuries to his chest and head; meanwhile, the passenger in the 22-year-old’s vehicle suffered a head injury. Both were taken to the hospital and were in stable condition. The 75-year-old driver also suffered a leg injury. The 22-year-old was charged with being intoxicated at the time of the incident, driving without a license and making a restricted left turn.

The accused man will now have to respond to his charges. However, legal difficulties also may arrive in the form of personal injury claims filed by the passengers and the other driver who were injured in the intersection crash. These victims reserve the right to file suits against him, seeking monetary damages in an effort to ease pain and suffering as well as to cover costs incurred in the Connecticut auto accident. Any conviction secured in criminal court for the driver’s drunk driving and other charges might be used to establish his liability in a personal injury lawsuit.

Source: The Central Connecticut Post, Serious Crash On Rt. 6 Involved Alcohol, No author, Dec. 11, 2013



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