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Connecticut auto accident claims 1 woman’s life, injures others

| Dec 23, 2013 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Connecticut can be deadly, as these substances distort a person’s judgment and slow down his or her reaction time. This is why many people who lose a family member to an auto accident in which drugs or alcohol is a causal factor may be livid at the apparent senselessness of the tragedy. Although a person who causes this type of accident may face criminal charges, this sometimes may not be enough for surviving loved ones. In this situation, a successful claim for financial damages may help the family to move on from the painful ordeal.

People in Connecticut are in this scenario following a vehicle crash. Police said that a 21-year-old man was driving a car and suddenly crossed the middle line. The car ran into another vehicle head-on. One 83-year-old woman was killed in the accident, and an 85-year-old man suffered serious injuries. Several other people were injured in the crash.

Authorities said that the 21-year-old who reportedly caused the wreck was under the influence of drugs when the accident occurred. Reportedly, he also was using his cellphone at the time. The man faces several charges, including the use of a cell phone, failing to drive right and distracted driving. He has also been accused of second-degree assault, second-degree manslaughter and driving under the influence of drugs.

The man who is deemed to have triggered the wreck must now respond to his multiple charges. The family members of the deceased auto accident victim also can file a wrongful death suit against him, and the injured victims can pursue personal injury claims in a civil court setting. Financial restitution from lawsuits that are successfully litigated can help to cover medical bills and even lost wages, depending on the situation. A conviction in criminal court may be offered as evidence of financial liability in related civil cases in Connecticut.

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