Crashing into an object such as a tree can be a destructive event, potentially causing not only irreparable damage to one’s vehicle but also serious injuries or even death to the individuals inside the car. This is due to the intense force of the impact associated with the collision. This type of auto accident can easily occur if the driver of the vehicle is behaving negligently — for example, speeding or driving while distracted.

In a recent Connecticut case, a vehicle collided with a tree in a residential neighborhood. The accident took place in the early morning hours. The vehicle was sorely damaged and had one driver and two passengers inside.

All three individuals inside the car had to be extricated from the vehicle. They suffered serious injuries and were transported to the hospital. One of the passengers, a 25-year-old man, ended up dying as a result of the injuries sustained in the collision. Police continued to investigate the crash.

The driver of the car involved in the single-vehicle crash might face legal hurdles if the family members of the passenger who died in the auto accident decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit against him. The injured passenger may also elect to file a personal injury claim in this case. If an investigation confirms that the driver was driving carelessly and disobeying a rule of the road when the accident took place, proof of this may be used to establish his liability in a civil suit. The Connecticut civil court will adjudicate claims for monetary damages once liability is established to its satisfaction.

Source:, South Windsor crash victims ID’d, Steven Yablonski, Feb. 3, 2014