A head-on crash is often fatal, due to the force of the two cars striking each other. This is especially true if the vehicles are moving at a high rate of speed. In those circumstances, colliding with another car is akin to slamming into a brick wall. Sometimes, monetary compensation can help to ease pain and suffering in a fatal Connecticut motor vehicle accident, when proof of driver negligence is established as a causal factor.

Three vehicles recently were involved in a crash one evening in West Hartford. The accident happened when two automobiles were going in opposite directions on a local roadway. A third vehicle then crashed into the back of one of the first two vehicles.

The driver of the car that was struck-head on died in the wreck. Meanwhile, the other two drivers suffered injuries. They were taken to the hospital. Police continued to investigate the crash.

The injured driver who is believed to have hit the second car head-on may face legal challenges in the form of a Connecticut wrongful death claim. This is because the family members of the fatal victim may elect to sue him, pursuing financial damages that to help to address medical expenses and other costs tied to the wreck. The other injured driver also might choose to file a personal injury claim, seeking damages that can help with lost wages and other accident-related losses. The first motorist’s apparently errant driving may be considered negligence in this case, and proof of this might be offered as evidence of a causal factor in the motor vehicle accident.

Source: CBS Connecticut, “One Killed In 3-Car Crash”, , March 31, 2014