Major injuries can stem from a car crash — spine issues, brain and internal injuries, cuts and even broken bones. This is why one person’s negligence behind the wheel can have a long-term impact on another motorist or passenger on a Connecticut roadway. Monetary compensation may not be able to get rid of the physical harm done as a result of an unexpected auto accident. However, it can help to address a victim’s pain and suffering or emotional distress in such a situation.

In a recent case in Connecticut, multiple people suffered injuries in a wreck involving two automobiles. The accident caused Route 17 to shut down for almost two hours. No injuries were life-threatening, according to police.

In one vehicle, there were two 5 year olds. Meanwhile, the second vehicle contained teenagers. The crashed happened during the morning hours.

A police investigation can yield information about who or exactly what caused the auto accident. If one driver is found to have been speeding, driving while distracted or engaging in some other form of negligent or reckless behavior on the roadway, this individual may face personal injury claims filed by victims of the accident. This is because an injured party retains the right to seek financial damages that can help to address pain and suffering as well as lost wages (if any) and hospital bills linked to the injuries. A civil court in Connecticut will ultimately determine monetary damage claims if it finds that the driver deemed to have been at fault is financially liable for the injuries resulting from the collision.

Source:, “Several Injured in 2-Car Route 17; Road Reopened“, Barbara Heins, April 9, 2014