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Woman arrested following auto accident involving injuries

| Apr 11, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News

A person may be shopping in a store one moment and then find himself or herself face-to-face with a vehicle a few moments later. From time to time, we read about tragedies involving drivers that lose control of their motor vehicle and plow into a retail establishment. This recently happened in Connecticut, and police said that drunk driving appears to be a causal factor in the auto accident.

The woman who is accused of causing the accident at a Fairfield Cumberland Farms store apparently told police that she didn’t know the speed limit at the time of the accident. Her blood-alcohol content was reportedly more than triple the legal limit when the crash occurred. The accident took place when she was speeding down an exit ramp from Interstate 95, ended up sideswiping two cars and crashing into the back of a third one.

The car subsequently collided with a support column at the store. The driver was charged with operating a vehicle with a suspended license, reckless driving and endangerment and driving while intoxicated. She apparently already had drunk driving charges prior to this recent injury crash. One injury victim suffered serious bruising, while another suffered three fractured vertebrae.

The woman who is believed to have caused the accident now must respond to her multiple charges. She also might have to deal with other legal problems if the injured victims decide to sue her. They may choose to file personal injury claims in a Connecticut civil court, seeking a judgment for monetary damages to help them to cover the medical expenses and other financial losses linked to the auto accident. Any monetary relief awarded may also help to address a victim’s pain and suffering occasioned by the auto accident. If the woman is convicted of her criminal charges, proof of this might be offered as evidence to try to establish her financial liability in civil court.

Source: Connecticut Post, “Driver held in Cumberland Farms crash“, Daniel Tepfer, April 3, 2014



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