When two vehicles strike one another, the consequences can be devastating. An auto accident can leave a person severely injured or worse, depending on how fast the vehicles were going and the nature of the impact. One recent deadly crash in Connecticut involved a pickup truck and a car.

The crash occurred in the region of Route 6 in the morning. According to police, a pickup was going east near an intersection. It then struck a car that was crossing the street.

Both the car’s passenger and driver died at the accident scene, according to authorities. These two individuals included a man who was 48 years old and a woman who was 44 years old. Meanwhile, the male pickup driver, who is 53 years old, suffered no injuries. Police continued to investigate the incident.

The families of the two people who died in the car are surely distraught following this tragic auto accident. They have the right to file wrongful death lawsuits against the pickup driver, and if there is proof that the driver was negligent, this evidence may be offered as a causal factor. If the pickup driver’s liability is established in a Connecticut civil court, the families may be entitled to financial restitution that can help them to cover the funeral costs and other auto accident-related losses. Alternatively, if the car driver is ultimately deemed to have been at fault for the fatal crash, the family of the deceased passenger may pursue a wrongful death claim against the estate of that individual. Although monetary compensation cannot bring back a family member who has been negligently killed, it may help the victims’ family members to move forward.

Source: CBS Connecticut, “Two Killed In Route 6 Accident“, , June 5, 2014