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Auto accident leads to 6 injuries in Connecticut

| Jun 6, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News

When adults get seriously hurt in a motor vehicle crash, the incident may prompt shock and worry. However, when innocent children are injured, people may have even greater concern. Six individuals, including both children and adults, recently suffered injuries following a Connecticut auto accident involving three vehicles.

This accident occurred on a Saturday afternoon in the vicinity of Route 196 in Middlesex County. A truck belonging to the United States Postal Service was headed south on a local roadway. All of a sudden, a pickup truck hit the postal vehicle from behind, forcing it into oncoming traffic.

At that time, a third vehicle that was headed north struck the postal vehicle head-on. The USPS vehicle ended up going down an embankment. The postal worker suffered injuries, as did five other individuals. Two of the injured were children. All of the injured were taken to the hospital, and the authorities continued to investigate the crash.

The formal investigation will likely document who was responsible for the auto accident. Any injured adults in the car and/or the parents of the injured minors may choose to assess their legal right to file and pursue a personal injury claim following the accident, and the postal worker may also be entitled to relief under the Federal Employees Compensation Act. A claim must be based on proof that another party to the collision acted negligently in such a way as to cause or contribute to the three-vehicle accident. If a plaintiff is successful in civil court, they may be awarded financial compensation that can help with hospital bills and other expenses accrued as a result of the injury collision in Connecticut.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “6 Injured in East Hampton Crash Involving USPS Truck“, Ari Mason, May 31, 2014



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