When individuals drive in Connecticut, they naturally expect the motorists around them to operate their automobiles in a safe manner. If another driver fails to do this, this can lead to a motor vehicle accident resulting in major injuries. This recently happened in our state, resulting in the hospitalization of two individuals.

The incident apparently started when a 51-year-old man was driving and was suddenly stopped by police. Police allege they were going to explain to him that his automobile’s headlights were not on. However, they claim that the man sped away. He started going south and failed to stop at one red light at an intersection, authorities said.

That’s when the man hit a vehicle that was going west. The crash caused power lines to be knocked down, authorities reported. Two individuals in the vehicle that was hit suffered serious injuries and had to be extricated from their car; they were taken to the hospital. Police arrested the man who allegedly ran the stop sign and charged him with interfering with officers. They continue to investigate the accident.

The two hospitalized individuals may choose to file personal injury claims against the charged man. They have the right to seek the reimbursement of monetary damages sustained in the crash, which can help with the coverage of medical expenses, the loss of wages and other losses resulting from the accident. If the arrested driver ends up being convicted on his charges, proof of this might be presented in a Connecticut civil court proceeding to try to establish his liability in the injury motor vehicle accident.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Two People Hospitalized After Fleeing Driver Crashes Into Car in New London“, Jessie Sawyer, Sept. 1, 2014