Motorcyclists are especially at risk of getting seriously injured or dying in a vehicle accident because they lack the protection afforded to motorists in cars. Unfortunately, one motorcyclist was killed in a recent bike accident in Connecticut. Another motorcyclist was injured in this accident.

Police said a 47-year-old woman was riding her motorcycle along Route 81 on a recent Sunday with a group of other bikers. In this group was a 47-year-old man. All of a sudden, a teenager who was driving a sport utility vehicle from the opposite direction hit both of these motorcyclists, shortly after 4:30 p.m.

Both bikers were thrown from their vehicles. The woman died at the accident scene; meanwhile, the man suffered serious injuries deemed to be life-threatening and was transported to the hospital. Neither the sport utility vehicle’s passengers nor the vehicle’s driver was injured in the crash. Following the collision, another motorcyclist, 48, suffered minor injuries when he was trying to avoid the crash scene and ended up being ejected from his bike. Police continue to investigate the crash.

If negligence or recklessness is proved, the driver of the sport utility vehicle may be held liable for the death and injuries stemming from the bike accident in Connecticut. This is because the loved ones of the woman who died may choose to file a wrongful death claim against the vehicle driver. The injured parties may also file personal injury claims against the teen. If they are successful in their cases, they may be awarded financial damages that can help to cover accident-related expenses, such as burial and hospital costs.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “1 Killed After SUV Crashes Into Motorcycles in Killingworth“, May 18, 2015