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Rear-end collision may cause serious injuries

| May 27, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

One common type of accident that is known to cause debilitating injuries is the rear-end collision. These types of crashes in Connecticut often occur when another motorist has failed to exercise caution behind the wheel. Although monetary compensation cannot undo the injuries caused by a rear-end collision, it can help an injured victim to move forward from the traumatic situation.

It is worth noting that in rear-end collisions, the person driving the truck or car behind the vehicle that was hit is almost always considered to be at fault. This is because motorists have a duty to maintain enough distance behind other automobiles so they are able to stop when necessary. Even if an individual did slow down or stop prior to being struck from behind, this does not mean the car that caused the rear-end collision is absolved of responsibility, as he or she legally should have maintained a following distance that was safe.

A variety of injuries can result from rear-end car crashes, including whiplash, which is the most frequently occurring type. Victims may also suffer back injuries, including herniated or bulging disks, as well as head injuries. Spinal cord injuries and neck injuries are also possible.

People who are injured in a Connecticut rear-end collision have the right to pursue damages as part of a personal injury claim. Typically, a motorist who ends up rear-ending another car is deemed responsible for the financial damages that accrue. However, a civil court must determine this after considering all relevant evidence in the car accident case.



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