A vehicle accident recently sent two people to the hospital in Connecticut. The auto accident took place on a Wednesday. According to authorities, the accident was the result of a dropped cigarette.

Police said a 48-year-old woman was driving her vehicle south on a turnpike. All of a sudden, she breached the double-yellow line on the road. This caused her to sideswipe a car heading north.

The northbound vehicle was propelled into a curb as a result of the impact. Then, the woman driving the first car crashed into another automobile. Her car continued to roll forward before its front tire ended up coming off. The people driving the other two cars were transported to the hospital to be evaluated following the collision. The woman received citations for driving a motor vehicle that was not registered and also for failing to maintain her proper lane.

The woman who reportedly caused the crash may be held liable for any injuries that the two other drivers suffered. These two drivers may choose to file personal injury claims against her, seeking financial damages that — if awarded — might help them cover their hospital bills. Damages awarded based upon a showing of negligence may also help to cover any loss of wages they might experience if they cannot work for a certain period of time due to injuries. Proof of the woman’s infractions may be presented in civil court in order to help establish her liability in this auto accident case in Connecticut.

Source: fairfieldcitizenonline.com, “Driver blames dropped cigarette for 3-car crash“, June 5, 2015