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Connecticut pedestrian accidents can also be hit-and-run crashes

One pedestrian was recently hit by a car in Connecticut. According to police, the accident was a hit-and-run crash. These kinds of pedestrian accidents can easily occur when a driver is speeding or engaging in some other form of negligent behavior behind the wheel.

Life-threatening injuries may result from pedestrian accidents

A pedestrian accident recently took place in Connecticut, leading to serious and life-threatening injuries to one individual. Pedestrian accidents may easily happen when people driving near pedestrians are not cautious behind the wheel and end up striking these individuals. The recent accident occurred on a Friday night.

Pedestrian accidents may lead to serious injury, death

A community in Connecticut is currently grieving the loss of one young person following a fatal accident involving pedestrians. Pedestrian accidents often occur when the driver of a vehicle is not paying attention to the road and the surrounding area. If someone is injured or dies as a result of the driver's carelessness, the motorist may face civil claims for financially responsibility regarding the accident.

Connecticut left turn accident: Serious injuries often the result

One common type of vehicle accident in Connecticut is a left turn collision. Based on the law, motorists are not allowed to make left turns when a traffic signal is red. They are also required to yield to oncoming vehicles when turning left. However, when drivers are distracted or hurried, they can easily fail to comply and thus put other people on the road at risk by causing a left turn accident.

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