Connecticut left turn accident: Serious injuries often the result

| Jul 2, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

One common type of vehicle accident in Connecticut is a left turn collision. Based on the law, motorists are not allowed to make left turns when a traffic signal is red. They are also required to yield to oncoming vehicles when turning left. However, when drivers are distracted or hurried, they can easily fail to comply and thus put other people on the road at risk by causing a left turn accident.

In a left-turn accident, the driver turning is left is usually responsible. This driver is required to make sure that there is plenty of space for him or her to safely turn when other vehicles are in the oncoming lane. If the driver fails to do this, he or she can quickly cause an accident leading to serious injuries.

In other cases, however, the driver in the oncoming lane is at fault in a left-turn accident. This is the case if that driver was speeding, ended up running a red light or did not properly apply the vehicle’s brakes. In this type of accident scenario, a wide variety of evidence, such as fluid spills, witness accounts, tire marks and vehicle damage, can be evaluated to determine who and what caused the incident.

When it has been determined that one person’s injuries in a left turn accident stemmed from another motorist’s failure to abide by traffic laws, the injured party has the right to file a liability claim. The victim may pursue a claim for monetary damages, which — if awarded — may help to cover related medical bills and other losses tied to the crash. In cases where both drivers apparently share the fault in Connecticut, the apportionment of liability between them may be ordered by a civil court, and each of their damages would end up being reduced by their own degree of fault based on the determination of the court.



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