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Who is liable in chain-reaction accidents?

| Dec 29, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Snow and ice make driving treacherous, especially at high speeds. During this time of year, multi-vehicle accidents on highways are not uncommon. One driver may spin out of control and collide with several vehicles. Or a driver may fail to slow down on a slick road and rear-end another car. Either of these situations can result in a chain-reaction accident.

If you have been in a chain-reaction accident, you know how frightening it is. In addition to the potential for catastrophic or fatal injuries, accidents involving multiple vehicles are extremely complex. While Connecticut law clearly states that the rear driver is considered at fault in rear-end accidents, in a chain-reaction accident, you could be hit by more than one vehicle. You could also be rear-ended and pushed into the vehicle in front of you. In that situation, who is liable for injuries and property damage?

These types of accidents require assistance from experienced car accident attorneys. Determining who is at fault is often a lengthy process involving accident reconstruction experts. You want to protect your rights. A lawyer who understands liability and who has experience working with insurance companies can ensure you know your rights and options.

Drivers and passengers in multi-vehicle accidents may suffer life-altering injuries such as broken or crushed bones, severe lacerations, airbag injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and internal organ damage. Injury victims and their families will need significant compensation to cover their medical costs and other losses.

By discussing your injuries and insurance questions with a lawyer, you will have the answers you need to move forward after a dangerous car accident.



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