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Misconceptions about pedestrian accidents

| Jan 4, 2017 | Firm News, Pedestrian Accidents

Any car accident can be damaging, but collisions between a car and a pedestrian are especially fatal. Because cars weigh so much more and move so much more quickly than humans, being hit by one as a pedestrian can cause permanent injury if the person survives.

Being hit by a car is already very traumatic, but the uncertainty and confusion that can surround this event makes it even more distressing. Here are two big misconceptions people have about pedestrian accidents.

“Police will be on my side, because the accident wasn’t my fault.”

One of the saddest parts about pedestrian accidents is that the victim often doesn’t get to share their side of the story. Due to the dangerous nature of these collisions, pedestrians are usually far too injured or disoriented afterwards to give an account of what happened. Police officers usually talk to the driver at the scene and it is very unlikely that they will travel to the hospital to ask the pedestrian for his or her side of the story.

Because of this, you should not assume that the police will side with you, even if you truly had no fault in what happened. This doesn’t mean you are automatically at fault for the accident though. It does mean, however, that pursuing a personal injury claim can get complicated, and it may be difficult to win compensation without a skilled attorney representing you.

“I got ticketed for causing the accident. I can’t win a personal injury case.”

While winning a personal injury case may seem impossible if you were ticketed for the accident, this does not affect an injury claim. These are two entirely separate events. Sadly, police wrongly ticket pedestrians all the time, but this does not negate the law regarding motor vehicles.

By Connecticut law, anyone driving a motor vehicle has an inherent duty to drive safely and reduce the risk of harm whenever possible. If a driver’s negligence caused you to be injured, they may be held accountable for their actions.

After a pedestrian accident, you are likely facing financial stress, physical and emotional pain, and fear about your future. A personal injury claim can cover the cost of medical bills and lost wages while you are away from work, giving you time to recover. Contact an attorney for a free case review and do not assume that your situation is hopeless.



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