Many Connecticut motorcyclists are excited to get on the road after a long winter. But wet roads, rusty reflexes and oblivious drivers can make April and May rides dangerous.

Motorcyclists are already at a big safety disadvantage as compared to others on the road. According to 2014 stats provided by the Insurance Information Institute, motorcyclists were 27 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than car occupants, per mile traveled. So extreme caution is important for riders under adverse weather conditions and when seasons change.

Factors that can cause injuries

A relatively high percentage of motorcycle accidents cause serious injuries. During spring months, many injuries and deaths are caused by factors including:

  • Wet roads and hydroplaning
  • Problems with motorcycle tires
  • Motorists who are speeding or making dangerous turns or lane changes
  • Drivers who are distracted behind the wheel with their phones
  • Car and truck drivers who are not used to seeing motorcycles all winter
  • Motorcyclists who have been out of practice for several months
  • Drunk or drugged drivers

Talk to a knowledgeable attorney after an accident

Some accidents are caused by the negligence of motorists who don’t see motorcyclists on the road. If you or someone you care about has been injured, get medical care immediately and report the accident to the police. And talk to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney about your legal rights.