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Kids are at a high risk of pedestrian accidents

| Dec 4, 2017 | Pedestrian Accidents

Most children love to be active. Since many areas where they run and play are close to roads, streets and driveways, they can be at risk of being involved in a traffic accident. Children aren’t expected to be perfect; they’re still learning the rules of the road, and they make mistakes. Adults, especially drivers, are held to a higher standard, but everyone plays a role in safety.

Drivers have to be aware of the risks when driving where kids live, attend school, and play. They have to slow down and be mindful of children on the sides of the roads and look out for those who could suddenly run out in front of them. Awareness can save lives.

Fatal pedestrian accidents

In 2015, it was reported that one in five children killed in traffic accidents were pedestrians. Imagine if drivers could simply slow down and avoid distractions. Kids’ lives could be saved, and no one would have to know the loss that comes with a child’s death or serious injury.

Speed kills

It’s a fact that driving at higher speeds increases the likelihood of getting into a crash with a pedestrian. Pedestrians suffer injuries that correlate with the speed of the vehicle.

Crashes under 25 miles per hour, for instance, may result in serious injuries but are less likely to result in a death when compared to a crash at 60 miles per hour. Since most pedestrian crashes happen at night, in non-intersections and in urban areas, drivers should consider slowing down on city streets, and they should be aware that people are harder to see in the dark.

What can pedestrians do to protect themselves?

Most importantly, pedestrians should obey the rules of the road. Walkers and runners should cross at intersections and look both ways. Children should be with their parents or guardians until they’re old enough to understand traffic safety.

These tips could save lives. Remember that pedestrians and drivers both have a responsibility to reduce crashes by obeying traffic laws.



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