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A Newington man is arrested, charged with vehicular manslaughter

| Feb 23, 2018 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents

On Monday, Feb. 12 , a spokesperson with the Farmington Police Department announced the arrest of a 54-year-old Newington, Connecticut man on two vehicular manslaughter charges.

He was taken into custody a little less than five months after having collided into another vehicle head-on along Route 6 in Farmington. That crash left two of the motorists in that other vehicle at the time injured. Two other people in the vehicle died.

The months-long investigation into the Sept. 14 crash likely involved police interviewing witnesses who saw what happened that fateful day. Investigators also likely tried to recreate the crash.

Investigators found out about what happened in the moments before the collision. The Newington man apparently went from heading westbound along Route 6 to crossing the center line. It’s then that he crashed into an eastbound motorist head-on. The defendant reportedly suffered only minor injuries in the accident.

Neither police nor prosecutors have said whether they’ve been able to determine that alcohol, drugs, fatigue or a distraction may have led the man to cause the crash. Whatever additional evidence they may have amassed must have been overwhelming. Clearly they feel confident enough to move forward in holding the man criminally liable for causing the crash.

The driver of the vehicle that was struck reportedly suffered fairly minor injuries in the crash. His front-seat passenger, however, was much more critically injured. The two rear-seat passengers in that vehicle at the time reportedly died instantaneously from the impact. They’ve been identified as 66-year-old Canadians from Quebec.

It’s unclear if a judge set bail in the matter when he was arraigned on Tuesday, Feb. 13. The date of his next hearing in the matter is also yet to be set.

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Source: U.S. News and World Report, “Connecticut man charged in connection with fatal crash,” Feb. 12, 2018



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