There’s an old adage in business that applies to vehicle drivers just as much as it applies to service providers:

“Everybody wants it fast, cheap and good, but you can only pick two…”

This saying applies to driving cars when we replace “good” with the word “safe.” We all want to cheaply, quickly and safely get from points A to B in our automobiles. The problem is, many of us sacrifice safety in order to get the first two items on the wish list. Instead, we should be throwing cheap and fast out the window and focusing on safety with the following important tips:

Keep your car well-maintained and drive the newest model possible

A well-maintained car will be better at stopping and navigating difficult accident scenarios. In addition, a newer, more modern vehicle will come with life-saving safety features that can help you avoid accidents and reduce the severity of your injuries in the event that you get into a crash.

Be a defensive driver

Even if you’re following all the rules of the road, you might not be driving defensively. Defensive driving is just as much an act of patience as it is a process of being careful and attentive on the road. As soon as you feel like you’re in a hurry, you’re more likely to take dangerous risks in traffic, like tailgating and speeding through yellow lights. Leave early, drive slower and give the cars around you as much space as you can. Be patient. This will dramatically reduce your chances of getting into a serious collision.

Were you driving a well-maintained vehicle and being a defensive motorist, but you still got hurt in a crash due to someone else’s negligence? Our law firm can assist you with the evaluation of your potential claim for damages.