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Are you sure you escaped that car accident with no injuries?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2019 | Car Accidents

No matter how or when a car accident occurs, it is never convenient. In fact, some people are so eager to move on from the experience that they are careless with their health by declining medical care. Even if you do not think you suffered serious injuries in a collision, it is wise to undergo a complete medical examination as soon as possible, to keep yourself safe.

Some car accident injuries do not cause pain or any other sensation for some time, leading many victims to assume that they didn’t suffer any injuries at all. Unless a medical professional examines a car accident victim thoroughly, the victim may not recognize harm until it is too late.

Head, neck and back injuries

A car accident is typically a violent experience, more than we might expect. When adrenaline is high and victims get caught up in the excitement of the moment, they may not realize that they received a blow to the head or hurt their back.

Head and spine injuries may take days or even weeks to develop noticeable symptoms, and these symptoms are not always in the form of pain. If a spinal injury severs or pinches nerves in the spinal column, the victim may lose sensation in some area of their body, or they may experience ongoing tingling.

Similarly, a head injury may not cause any physical pain, but it may change the victim’s responses to frustrating situations. The injury could also make it difficult to communicate and understand what they read or hear in conversation.

These serious injuries benefit greatly from early intervention. Addressing them as soon as possible can help a victim avoid long-term or permanent suffering.

Potentially fatal injuries

Car accident victims should receive complete medical care to identify potentially fatal injuries. Both internal bleeding and partial organ damage may kill a victim without proper treatment, and they may not cause pain for hours or days.

Internal injuries that allow bleeding can become infected quickly without proper treatment. The infection may spread without anything to stop it, eventually leading to sepsis, or full-body poisoning. Likewise, partial organ damage does not cause pain while the body works to heal, but it can become very painful if the body shuts the organ down. Both of these types of injuries can lead to unnecessary deaths.

Don’t put your life at risk by avoiding medical care after an accident, especially if the accident was caused by another driver. Once you get the care you need, you may need to bring a personal injury claim to recover your losses and protect your rights.