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Hamden drivers seem not to care about distracted driving

| May 10, 2019 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents

You should avoid using your cellphone any time that you’re operating a vehicle. If you have plans to visit Hamden, though, then you’ll definitely want to steer clear from texting or calling and driving.

Officers with the Hamden Police Department (HPD) are intent on putting an end to drivers using cellphones while operating their vehicles. The city is located just over eight miles northeast of New Haven.

HPD issued a report earlier this month. In it, they outlined how its officers positioned themselves throughout the city for three weeks last month and observed motorists. By the end of April, they’d cited 647 motorists for using their phones while driving. When the department ran a similar operation back in August, they issued 635 tickets.

A spokesperson for HPD notes that they’re concerned that this latest operation netted 12 more citations than they performed eight months ago. They acknowledged that they’re surprised that distracted driving rates didn’t decrease. They haven’t announced whether they plan to roll out additional enhanced patrols or if they have other ways of going about trying to effect change.

Distracted driving has a similar impact on motorists that drugs, alcohol or fatigue can. It often causes them to crash.

Drivers who use their cellphones are often even more dangerous though. Texting and making calls both take motorists’ eyes and minds off the roadway. These leave them even more vulnerable to crashing. Individuals who have been injured by a distracted driver should consult with an attorney who can provide them with strong representation in their case.



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