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How does alcohol intoxication impair your ability to drive?

| May 24, 2019 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents

According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), as many as 40,000 individuals youths are killed in alcohol-involved car crashes each year. As many as 10,000 are killed.

The AAAS warns that drivers shouldn’t forget that motorists rely on more than just their feet, hands and eyes to operate a vehicle. They instead note that a person’s brain is needed to control each of these body parts.

Motorists must have a sound mind if they expect to remain alert enough to make the on-the-spot decisions that they need to when out on the road. The consumption of alcohol can greatly affect their ability to do that.

Alcohol consumption makes it difficult for motorists to understand the consequences of making certain decisions. It can also affect their ability to remain awake or cause them to become easily distracted. Someone who has consumed alcohol will generally struggle to maintain hand, eye and foot coordination as well.

Motorists who drive under the influence of alcohol often struggle to track objects. This is often why motorists fail to obey road signs or to keep a distance from other cars. It’s also why drunk drivers often cross centerlines into oncoming traffic.

Intoxicated drivers often experience delayed function of their eye muscles. This can cause blurred vision. Their ability to see colors or at night can be particularly poor. Reflexes may also be slowed. This can affect a motorist’s ability to respond quickly to the ever-changing environment around them.

When Connecticut motorists get behind the wheel when they’re drunk, it’s more than just their life that they put at risk. They put everyone else’s on the line as well.

Motorists who are intoxicated often have a distorted ability to sense the speed that they’re going. Their reactions to different stimuli are often sudden. If you’ve been seriously hurt by a drunk motorist, then you should consult with a New Haven attorney. They can explain how you can hold them accountable for your medical costs and other damages.



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