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Inclined infant sleepers responsible for many infant deaths

| Mar 26, 2020 | Defective Products

Consumers place a lot of trust in products available to them in stores, particularly when those products are intended for infants. Anything that a parent uses in the care of a baby will typically require more safety research and quality control then products intended for older children who can take steps to protect themselves. 

In recent years, the idea of what is a safe space for a baby to sleep in has changed drastically. The crib that you spent your time in as an infant or toddler likely violates current safety standards and should not be used. However, as at least 37 families learned in 2019, products sold as safe for infants can actually put them at risk of death.

Inclined infant sleepers make it easy for babies to roll over and get hurt

Safe sleep practices are critical for infants, who are vulnerable to dying while asleep. Currently, best safe sleep practices involve placing an infant on their back in a well-ventilated and warm room without blankets, pillows or any kind of toy near them. They should be in their own crib, not on a sofa or in a bed with a parent. 

Many people use inclined sleepers throughout their house as a way to let their child sleep near them while they fulfill other obligations like household chores. Unfortunately, inclined sleepers make it easy for a baby to roll over and potentially suffocate themselves

Multiple companies in 2019 recalled their inclined sleeper, but Consumer Reports and others advocate for a complete recall of all inclined infant sleepers. Families who have suffered a tragedy due to these dangerous products may have the right to hold the manufacturer or possibly the retailer that sold the product account.




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