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Cyclists: Watch out for trucks turning right

| Jun 3, 2020 | Bicycle Accidents

Semitrucks do not make right turns like other vehicles. On many, you can find warnings on the trailer telling drivers about this. Because of the way that the vehicle is hinged between the cab and the trailer, it pivots at that point and the trailer cuts deeply into the turn.

Moreover, the right side of the truck is a common blind spot. The driver is on the far side. They can’t look out the window or turn their head. They do have a mirror, but mirrors are imperfect, and many drivers do not use them enough.

For this reason, cyclists need to be wary when a truck is turning right. For instance, maybe you’re riding on the right shoulder, nearing an intersection, when the light turns red. You stop to wait for traffic before going straight or turning yourself — depending on the intersection, you may not have a separate lane.

As you wait, a semi comes up behind you and then passes next to you, also stopping at the light. The truck is going to turn right.

Do not stay on the right side of that vehicle. If the truck turns as you start pedaling, the trailer is going to swing and hit you. The driver may not have seen you while approaching the light, and now you’re in the blind spot. Get off your bike and move aside so that you do not get hit.

Now, you do have a right to the road. If you don’t move in time and the driver does hit you, that’s not your fault. You may have a right to financial compensation.



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