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Is your Volvo at risk for a seat belt malfunction in a crash?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2020 | Products Liability

The Volvo brand has long been associated with safe and reliable vehicles. Unfortunately, some companies with long-established reputations can become complacent in their business practices. They may not engage in adequate safety testing or may not test individual components and products through all manufacturing lots.

When this happens, defective products can make their way out to the public. The more risk a product can cause for people, the greater the liability is for a defective product. When it comes to vehicles, defects in systems intended to keep people safe could potentially lead to severe injuries or even death, which could take a generations-old good reputation down very quickly.

Volvo had to recall more than 2.1 million vehicles worldwide

Volvo’s safety reputation has taken a hit after it had to initiate a massive recall of more than 2.1 million cars — over 300,000 of which are in the United States.

There is a cable in the safety restraint system used in multiple Volvo models that could fail after certain types of adjustments or maneuvers, possibly when people need it the most in a collision. The sweeping recall is being done to replace the defective component and protect drivers from potentially deadly consequences. The impacted models include the V60, V70 and XC60, among others, with production dates between 2006 and 2019.

Ideally, companies that make safety-critical products like motor vehicles would always engage in testing for components that help ensure the safety of their customers. When companies fail to do their due diligence, those who wind up hurt or who lose a loved one as a result may need to bring a legal claim against the manufacturer responsible for the defect.