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Can I get worker’s comp if I was injured while driving on the job?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Every day, delivery drivers, taxi operators, mail couriers and truckers get behind the wheel as part of their job. They spend hours on the road, and unfortunately, they may be involved in an accident at some point while working. Are they then eligible for workers’ comp if they suffer an injury in a work-related crash?

Worker’s comp eligibility

Employees can receive workers’ compensation for any injuries they receive at work or because of their work duties. So, if a driver suffers an injury in an accident while on the job in Connecticut, they should seek worker’s compensation to cover their injury costs. Also, if a driver suffers from repeated back pain because of spending long hours behind the wheel, they also are likely eligible for workers’ compensation for that injury.

One of the keys to receiving maximum workers’ compensation for an injury you suffered while driving on the job is to report the injury to your employer immediately. You also should seek medical treatment right away. You need documentation of your injury and projected recovery as part of your workers’ comp claim. You also need to check if your employer’s workers comp insurance requires you to see a specific doctor when seeking treatment for a workplace injury.

Getting help with workers’ comp

If you feel your workers’ compensation claim isn’t being handled properly, you should consult an experienced attorney. An attorney who understands workers’ compensation law can investigate if you aren’t receiving the benefits you should and help you get the workers’ comp benefits you deserve.

Pursing workers’ compensation for an injury you received while driving for your job can help you relieve the stress of being out of work and facing expensive medical bills. Getting works’ comp benefits also can help you focus more on your recovery and getting your life back to normal.