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Remember these points about spinal cord injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A person who’s involved in a car crash can suffer a host of injuries. When one of these is a spinal cord injury, that can mean lifelong problems for the victim. 

The initial days following a spinal cord injury are terrifying, so remember the following points if you or a loved one suffers this kind of damage in a motor vehicle wreck:

Spinal shock is possible

“Spinal shock” can set in right after an accident, leaving the victim’s spinal cord inflamed or swollen. As time progresses, this symptom abates. The issue that some individuals face is that the spinal shock can make the effects of their injury even worse. It can be very difficult to tell what limitations may be permanent in the early days following a spinal injury.

Injury location is important

The place on the spinal cord that’s injured can have a big impact on what effects the person has to deal with. Spinal cord injuries affect the area below the level of damage. This means that a person who has a neck injury will likely have more problems than a person who has a lower back injury. 

The extent of the damage matters

Spinal cord injuries are divided into two categories – complete or incomplete. A complete injury means that there isn’t any feeling or movement below the level of the injury, but there is some movement or feeling below the injury if it’s incomplete. A complete injury is less likely to have a considerable recovery than an incomplete one. 

Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries are both devastating and expensive to treat. If you or your loved one suffered your injury due to another driver’s mistakes, you have every right to expect compensation for your losses. Speak to an experienced advocate about what to do next.