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Important vehicle safety checks as winter approaches

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2021 | Car Accidents

Often, when considering risks when driving in Connecticut, the focus revolves around other drivers. However, the weather can also play a significant factor in vehicle accidents. 

Various conditions resulting from the different seasons are always worth thinking about. As winter approaches, there are numerous safety checks that you may carry out on your vehicle to help keep yourself protected. 

Ensure tires are properly inflated

As the temperature drops, so too can your tire pressures. During the warmer months, the level of air in tires will often increase as the temperature rises. However, in winter, the opposite can occur. Tires are a fundamental aspect of vehicle safety and should be checked regularly and managed per changes in the weather.  

Check levels of fluid 

Fluid levels may not be the most likely factor to cause an accident, but they most certainly warrant consideration. Low fluid levels can result in vehicle malfunction, which may leave you stranded at the roadside and could even lead to an accident. 

Make sure windshield wipers work 

During the summer months, you may not have utilized your windshield wipers. Occasionally, the motors that drive them can malfunction, or the blades themselves can break. Broken windshield wipers could obstruct your vision at a vital moment, leading to a collision. 

Check all of your lights 

There are two key methods to employ when maintaining the lights on your vehicle. First of all, it must be established that all of the lights are in working order. Additionally, all light surfaces should be properly cleaned, ensuring that lights can achieve optimal performance.

It is vital that other vehicles can see you coming. Any malfunctions with your headlights or signals could result in a catastrophic accident. 

Understanding some of the key vehicle safety checks could help to protect you. There may be legal options available to you if you have suffered injuries in an auto accident.