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How to react if your car slides on the ice

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Car Accidents

Winter driving comes with a lot of its own hazards, including the fact that you may not to be able to count on slowing down or stopping as quickly as you would before. Dry roads in the summer allow you to stop very abruptly when necessary, but the same action may cause your car to slide on the ice during the winter.

If you do start sliding, what should you do? Knowing how to react can prevent accidents, so here are some helpful tips.

Do not slam on the brakes

Your first reaction when you feel like you’ve lost control may be to slam on the brakes. As natural as this feels, it only makes things worse on the ice. Locking up your tires just causes your car to continue to slide. You actually want to take your foot off of the brake and off of the gas, so that you can concentrate on steering while you still have some control.

Stay calm and avoid over-corrections

What you want to do as far as turning and regaining control is concerned, is to consider which way the back of the car is moving. If it is sliding to the side, turn the wheel the same way. The worst thing you can do is overreact, which can turn a simple slide into a spin and a complete loss of control. You’re better off to make small adjustments and attempt to find a part of the road with better traction. Many slides are on small patches of ice, and you can get through it safely after just a few seconds.

What if someone hits you?

Knowing how to react is only half of the battle. Other drivers are also going to lose control, and they’re going to make mistakes. If one of these drivers hits you this winter and you suffer serious injuries, you need to know how to seek financial compensation.