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Cyclist and pedestrian statistics to know in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents

The roads are supposed to be for everyone. That being said, there are many cases of cyclists and pedestrians being hit by other drivers because those drivers aren’t being cautious enough.

Unfortunately, cyclists and pedestrians are at a higher risk of catastrophic injuries than those in passenger vehicles or trucks. In collisions, they are at the greatest risk of being injured or killed, which is something they always have to keep in mind while traveling on or around the road.

Pedestrian safety issues remain a problem in Connecticut

Pedestrian safety issues are an issue to discuss in Connecticut, because the statistics show that many people are harmed or killed each year. According to preliminary crash data from 2020, there were 65 pedestrian fatalities on the roads that year. This is an increase over every year since 2016.

Many pedestrian deaths are caused by distracted driving, impaired driving and simply coming into contact with quick-moving vehicles.

Cyclists also face risks within Connecticut

Cyclists are also at risk of being involved in serious collisions. The League of American Bicyclists points out that around half of all crashes are linked to near misses with other pedestrians, loose gravel and dirt, potholes and other road conditions.

Cyclists are bound to the same traffic laws as other drivers, but other drivers don’t always watch out for them or give them the space they need. Dooring incidents, turning in front of a cyclist and other problems lead to crashes every year.

Around 75% of all cycling collisions result in head injuries, which is why it’s so important for cyclists to wear helmets when they’ll be riding on or around the roads.

Drivers need to be aware to prevent serious crashes

Drivers can help prevent crashes with pedestrians and cyclists by taking an active approach to driving safely. Avoiding distractions, not drinking and driving and being focused on the road are all excellent ways to reduce the risk of a crash.

Cyclists and pedestrians can continue to follow the rules of the road. Wearing light or bright colors and avoiding distractions will also help them stay aware of their surroundings and potentially avoid serious crashes with others.