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Is a business partially to blame for a drunk driving crash?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Policymakers and law enforcement professionals often express intense frustration at the ongoing issue of drunk driving. Although everyone receives information about the effects of alcohol during driver’s training and exposure to awareness campaigns on billboards get behind the wheel after drinking without considering the impact their decision may have on others.

Drunk drivers can cause horrific crashes that kill people or leave them with permanent medical issues, like spinal cord injuries. A significant portion of the 323 crash-related deaths in Connecticut in 2021 were the result of alcohol use. Many other crashes that left people badly injured were also the result of drinking and driving.

The people affected by these crashes can make an insurance claim against the driver at fault. They can likely also pursue compensation in the civil courts when they have major expenses losses. Some families have to cope with the consequences of a collision caused by a driver without insurance or with very low levels of coverage. Bringing a liability claim against a business can be an option for those who need more compensation than a drunk driver can provide.

Connecticut has a dram shop law that allows for civil claims

Businesses have to abide by state law to secure and maintain a license to serve alcohol. If the staff at a bar or restaurant violate state liquor laws at work, they open their employer up to liability. There are typically two situations in which a business could potentially have liability under the dram shop law for a drunk driving crash.

If the staff at the business served a minor alcohol, the business could face litigation and insurance claims as a result. Liquor laws also require that the business stop serving someone who is already visibly drunk. If staff members continue providing drinks to someone stumbling or slurring their words, then the business may be responsible if that patron leaves while under the influence and causes a massive wreck.

Why business claims are worthwhile

Businesses that serve alcohol typically have substantial insurance policies to protect them from liability. You can make a claim against that coverage in addition to whatever motor vehicle insurance the other driver carried.

Learning more about the Connecticut dram shop law can help you take action against every party with responsibility for your recent losses.