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4 seasonal driving hazards that increase springtime crash risk

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Car Accidents

Many drivers assume that the roads will simply be safer when the weather starts warming up in the spring. Watching the snow and ice disappear to be replaced with perennial flowers like daffodils can make the spring enjoyable despite the muddy terrain and the heavy precipitation.

Drivers too often take for granted that the incoming warming weather will mean less risk on the road. The truth of the situation is that the spring brings with it a new set of seasonal risks on the road. What are some of the most serious safety concerns during the spring?

Heavy precipitation

The water falling from the sky does not need to freeze to make the roads less safe. Rain can also affect people’s traction and stopping distances and may even cause hydroplaning in some situations. Heavy precipitation can lead to people losing control of their vehicles.

Animal activity

For many mammals and birds, the spring is breeding season. Animals are out looking for a mate and are then desperate to find food for their mate or their babies. Increased animal activity may mean that birds swoop down right in front of your windshield unexpectedly or mammals dart out into the road. Animals can cause crashes on their own or may lead to drivers swerving, which could cause multi-vehicle collisions.

Drunk driving due to holidays or spring break

Whenever children and college students have time off of school or families get together for major holidays, the possibility of a drunk driving collision increases. Spring break and Easter could both potentially increase the possibility of a drunk driving crash during the spring months.

Seasonal allergies and medications

Many people have allergy issues when the plants start returning, which may mean they end up temporarily distracted at the wheel by sneezing, coughing or blowing their noses. Those who take allergy medication to reduce their symptoms could become drowsy and could become more inclined to make a mistake at the wheel.

When you understand that the spring isn’t inherently safer than any other season, you will have an easier time avoiding the unique road hazard during those warmer months. Minimizing your personal risk for a motor vehicle collision can keep you safer and reduce your chance of being liable for a crash if one does occur.