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Follow these 3 tips to stay safer around semitrucks

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Semitrucks provide the valuable service of getting goods across this country, but they’re also very dangerous vehicles because of their size and weight of them. It’s imperative that truckers drive safely, but there are also some steps all drivers can take to enhance their safety. 

Crashes that involve semitrucks are often blamed on the trucker, but there are other factors that can lead to semitruck wrecks. Improper loading, lax maintenance, defective components and unrealistic trucking company guidelines are some of these. Other drivers can sometimes cause these catastrophic events. 

1. Give them space

Semitrucks have large blind spots that extend all around the truck and trailer. Staying out of these spots can help you to remain safe as you drive. Typically, you should avoid driving right next to the semitruck in one lane to the left and two to the right. Give them around 20 feet of space in the front of the truck and never follow too closely behind them.

2. Watch the lights

Truckers may indicate things with their lights. They may turn their hazard lights on to warn other drivers of a potentially dangerous situation or that they’re going slower than the normal flow of traffic. They may also flash their lights to indicate that it’s safe for a vehicle to merge in front of them or to thank someone who allows them to merge.

3. Drive safely

Never speed and always use your turn signal. Everyone on the road can stay safer when people drive safely.

Even the safest driver can become the victim of a semitruck crash. Seek medical care for any injuries you suffer in one of these wrecks. If negligence was a cause of the crash, you may decide to seek compensation. This can include lost wages, medical care expenses and other costs attributable to the wreck.