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4 common dangers associated with working in a warehouse

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

While warehouse occupations are often well-paying jobs, they are also often quite dangerous.

A worker who’s injured on the job may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. These are just a few of the ways in which a warehouse worker could become injured while on the job.

1. Forklifts

One of the biggest contributors to the efficiency of shipping warehouses is forklifts. But, despite regulations, there are many poorly trained or untrained workers who operate motorized forklifts. A worker may be injured by a coworker who is operating a forklift. A worker who is walking in a warehouse may not be seen by a forklift driver and end up getting hit. Or, a forklift operator may collide with another forklift.

The most dangerous elements of forklifts include the fork on any particular machine itself – the two prongs that extend outward for the purpose of carrying cargo. These forks are often sharp so that operators have an easier time picking up crates. However, in an accident, a worker may be impaled by a forklift, which may cause serious or fatal injuries.

2. Slip-and-fall accidents

Warehouses aren’t the cleanest places. Some warehouses have open doors that let in rain, snow and ice. Forklifts may also spill oils and shipments may leak liquids. Any one of these hazards could lead to a slip-and-fall accident. A worker who’s suffered a slip and fall may experience head and spine trauma, as well as other significant injuries.

3. Hazardous materials

Many of the shipments warehouses receive contain hazardous material. If, for example, a crate is broken during shipment and leaks fluids or gasses, a worker could suffer severe health concerns. Workers could experience chemical burns or, after inhaling toxic fumes, become sick and develop medical conditions.

4. Falling shipments

There’s no telling how a shipment will arrive after spending days in the back of a trailer truck. Workers may open up a shipment and find that all the crates have been pushed to the back door. This can result in the crates falling and injuring a worker.

If you’re injured on the job, then you may find it difficult to continue working. You may have to act fast to exercise your legal rights when seeking workers’ compensation. Working with a legal professional can help to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.