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3 ways injured cyclists can cover their costs after a car crash

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Bicycle Accidents

Some people develop a love of cycling at a very young age. Their first bicycle, complete with training wheels, may have been their first-ever taste of freedom as they cruised to the local library or convenience store unsupervised by adults. Others develop a love of cycling later in life. A cross-country runner who injures their ankle, for example, might turn to cycling as a way to enjoy a long-distance activity and continue racing while minimizing damage to their body.

Whether someone is a competitive cyclist or just enjoys biking around town, they will be – very unfortunately – in constant danger of an injury caused by someone in a motor vehicle. As a result, it is important for cyclists to understand that these forms of compensation are potentially accessible to a cyclist who has been hurt in a crash involving a car, truck, motorcycle or mass transit operation.

Coverage from the driver’s insurance

When someone in a motor vehicle does something unsafe or negligent and hurts someone else, their insurance will often cover the costs generated. Every driver in Connecticut should have liability coverage that will apply after a crash between a motorist and a cyclist. However, there is no guarantee that the driver will have adequate insurance to cover the full cost generated in the crash.

A claim against the cyclist’s policy

Avid cyclists may invest in special insurance coverage for themselves even if they don’t have a car. Cyclist coverage will help not just with liability if a cyclist were to knock down a pedestrian and injure them but also with expenses after a crash caused by a motorist if they carry the right coverage.

Provided that the cyclist has a motor vehicle of their own, their car insurance could potentially help them after the crash. Those who add underinsured motorist coverage to their policies can use their own coverage as a supplement to the limited protection available from the motorist who caused the crash.

A personal injury lawsuit

Frequently, cyclists with significant injuries and lost wages will need to consider filing a lawsuit in civil court to cover their expenses. If the insurance of the motorist at fault for the crash is not enough to fully cover the costs generated in the collision, then it may become necessary to take the driver at fault for the crash to civil court.

A personal injury claim against someone who was negligent or who broke the law is possible after some collisions. There are also scenarios in which a third party, such as an employer or a vehicle manufacturer, has some liability for the crash. A lawsuit against one of those third parties could also potentially be an option.

Exploring every option for compensation with the assistance of an experienced legal professional is often a necessity for those who have been harmed in a car-bicycle collision. Doing so can be a time-intensive process but one that is worthy of such investment.