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4 things to do before biking at night

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Bicycle Accidents

It’s biking season and many people are spending hours getting some exercise in. You may be someone who enjoys biking late into the night. However, you may be raising the odds of getting into an accident by biking at night.

To ensure you don’t suffer from a biking accident, you may need to consider the following tips when riding on the road:

1. Wear your helmet

No matter what time of the day it is, you should always wear a helmet when biking. Your helmet will help reduce shock in an accident. It won’t, however, protect you from serious injuries, but it can help in a pinch. Furthermore, make sure your helmet isn’t damaged before you use it or it may not be as effective in an accident. 

2. Use a reflective vest

Possibly the most important thing to do when biking is to be visible. One way you can do this is by wearing a reflective vest. The reflective material will use light from vehicles so that you’re visible. By wearing a reflective vest, you’re also visible if you’re walking alongside your bike.

3. Install reflectors 

Not only should you wear a reflective vest but you can install reflective lights on your bike. These reflective lights will work the same way as your vest. You may even find a reflective tape that can be placed anywhere on your bike.

4. Use front lights

Reflective lights can only help so much. You also need to see the road in front of you. One way to do this is to install front lights on your bike. A front light can help you see what’s on the road and help other drivers spot you. 

When installing front lights, you need to be careful where you aim. A light that faces too far up may blind drivers and make it harder for them to know where you are on the road. Instead, you should have the lights pointed down just enough that you can see the road and drivers can spot you.

You may still end up in an accident and suffer injuries and losses. When this happens, you may need to learn about your legal options.