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4 things to know about spinal cord injuries

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As someone navigating the complex world of spinal cord injuries (SCIs), you are undoubtedly faced with challenges. The landscape may seem overwhelming, yet it is navigable with the right information.

One of the most important things you should do as quickly as possible is to get your support team together. This includes a variety of individuals whom you know you can count on to help you through all the bumps in the road that will likely occur. You should also consider these four points.

Immediate as well as long-term care are required

SCIs often require immediate emergency care, followed by ongoing and long-term medical treatment. It’s vital to understand the breadth of medical support you require, from acute interventions to rehabilitation and to prepare for these exigencies. Talk to your doctors to find out what you should expect.

Rehabilitation can encompass multiple programs

Rehabilitation after an SCI is a team effort. It typically involves multiple specialists including physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and others. Familiarizing yourself with this team approach can help streamline your recovery process.

Technology can make life easier

Advancements in assistive technology can significantly enhance your quality of life post-SCI. From mobility aids to adaptive devices for daily tasks, explore these technologies to optimize your independence and comfort.

Mental health can suffer

Psychological support is crucial after an SCI. Feelings of anxiety, depression or frustration are common. Seek the help of mental health professionals, and consider joining support groups to share experiences and gain strength from others in similar situations.

Navigating an SCI can be a demanding journey — yet not insurmountable. Equipping yourself with the right knowledge and resources can significantly empower you in managing this life-altering situation.

If your injury is the result of another party’s negligence (for example, in a car crash), you have the right to seek compensation. This might cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and more. Having legal guidance can help you seek the compensation you deserve and need.