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3 reasons that motorists may cause severe motorcycle collisions

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles require a lot of practice and skill to successfully operate. Riders often have to remain intently focused on their surroundings to ensure they reach their destinations safely. All it takes is overlooking a change in the flow of traffic or debris in the road for a rider to end up involved in a potentially severe collision. Unfortunately, no matter how cautious someone is in traffic, they can still end up involved in a wreck because they encounter other motorists who aren’t as focused on safety.

Drivers in larger vehicles cause a significant fraction of motorcycle collisions every year, and often those crashes occur due to completely preventable issues on the part of the other driver. Why do those in larger vehicles often cause motorcycle crashes?

Failing to watch for motorcycles

One of the most common excuses that people provide after causing a life-altering motorcycle crash is that they didn’t see the motorcycle. Realistically, motorcycles are large and easy to spot in traffic if motorists actually watch for them. However, many drivers fail to consciously screen oncoming traffic for motorcycles. Their subconscious mind likely doesn’t view them as a threat. The failure to actively monitor for motorcycle traffic means that drivers may look at a motorcycle but never mentally acknowledge its presence.

Engaging in dangerous conduct

Quite a few motorcycle collisions occur because the driver at fault does something obviously illegal and unsafe in traffic. Many motorcycle collisions occur because there is a drunk driver on the road. Others may occur because of distraction. A motorist with their mobile phone in their lap can very easily overlook a motorcycle and cause a crash that could forever alter a rider’s life. The failure to follow basic traffic safety rules has an outsized role in causing the worst collisions.

Developing unsafe traffic habits

Small habits can have a major impact on the safety of an individual driver and anyone else that they cross paths with in traffic. It takes a fraction of a second to manipulate the lever for turn signals in a vehicle, but many people simply forego indicating their intent to turn when approaching an intersection or preparing to turn into a driveway. Many other drivers habitually exceed the speed limit or roll through red lights without coming to a complete stop. All of these small habits may seem relatively minor on their own, but they can directly influence the likelihood that someone could cause a crash.

Motorcycle riders injured by the bad decisions of others in traffic may need help after collisions. Trying to file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit can be difficult while simultaneously coping with the medical consequences of a motorcycle crash. Those who have the right assistance can increase their chances of holding the right party accountable for a preventable motorcycle wreck.