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Candles and other things that cause house fires

A warm and inviting home can help offset the misery of the cold winter months. For many people, creating a welcoming space includes the use of fire for heating or decorative purposes. A roaring fire in the fireplace adds ambiance to any evening or social gathering. A scented candle or perhaps a tabletop lantern can add the quaint, flickering charm of fire.

Winter weather could increase the risk of slip-and-falls

Once the temperature starts to drop, many aspects of your daily life change. When it's cold or snowing, the roads can become more dangerous. You need to drive less and more slowly when you do need to travel. After snowfall, ice or even freezing rain, there are many other dangers that could result in an injury, including slippery sidewalks, parking lots and store floors.

Kids are at a high risk of pedestrian accidents

Most children love to be active. Since many areas where they run and play are close to roads, streets and driveways, they can be at risk of being involved in a traffic accident. Children aren't expected to be perfect; they're still learning the rules of the road, and they make mistakes. Adults, especially drivers, are held to a higher standard, but everyone plays a role in safety.

Prepare for dangerous winter driving conditions

Winter's arrival can be abrupt. The fall may end without warning. Maybe you go to bed and wake up to a world covered in snow. You'll still have to make your morning commute safely, regardless of how much snow has come down overnight. If you aren't prepared for winter driving conditions, that first day with snow could be a nerve-wracking experience. Thankfully, there's still time to prepare yourself and your vehicle for the challenges of winter driving.

Helpful tips to stay safe on your bike this autumn

With mild weather, there's no reason for cyclists to hang up their helmets in October. Warmer temperatures and little risk of freeze mean that many bicycle enthusiasts can safely stay on the road through November with the right equipment. Biking in the fall can be thrilling, with brisk winds, fresh scents and beautiful foliage to enjoy. Consider adjusting your air pressure in your tires for lower temperatures and be sure to do regular maintenance and inspections of your bike for any issues with the wheels, chain or gears.

Fall road conditions could be a perfect storm for truck crashes

No one gets onto the road hoping to get into a serious crash. Most drivers take precautions to reduce risks, including adapting driving behaviors that take the weather into account. Unfortunately, not everyone stops to think about the potential impact of changing weather conditions on the road. The fall can be a dangerous time to drive, particularly when you're driving in close proximity to the ever-increasing number of commercial trucks.

What if the police don’t come to the scene of my car accident?

It is generally accepted that after a car accident, it is wise to call law enforcement and wait for them to arrive on the scene before leaving. In some cases, if one or both drivers leave the scene before police or troopers arrive, they may face allegations that they fled the scene. However, one of the primary reasons to wait for police is to make sure that an officer files a proper voice report and that you get a copy.

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