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Don't assume that birth injuries are commonplace

During your life, you've likely met someone in Connecticut with cerebral palsy, a shoulder dystocia or some other type of injury. If you were to ask them about their impairment, they'd likely tell you that they've had it as long as they can remember. These types of birth injuries are far too common. Most of them are caused by a fetus's body being subjected to extreme physical pressure during childbirth, including while traveling through the birth canal.

Telemedicine doctors so far haven't been sued for malpractice

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) earlier this month captures how so far telemedicine doctors haven't been sued for medical malpractice by patients. Some safety analysts suggest that we shouldn't take the study authors' words to mean that this latest type of medical care is completely safe though.

Studies indicate patients need to be wary of misdiagnoses

Are you struggling with what seems like an intractable medical condition that doesn't respond well to treatment? Is your doctor dismissing your fears and telling you that your symptoms are just "middle age" or nerves? Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your child's pediatrician is missing something -- but the pediatrician is treating you like a nervous parent who is just worrying too much?

Why some conditions are misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a medical condition that's often difficult for doctors to diagnose. Individuals who have it often experience a wide variety of symptoms including tingling, heat sensitivity, pain, numbness and fatigue. There's no test for it. Many of the symptoms that MS patients suffer are similar to those that accompany other conditions.

There's a lot that qualifies as nursing home negligence

In April of 2018, Connecticut's Department of Public Health and the Advanced Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation issued an order requiring an independent evaluation of a New Haven nursing home's staff to see if they're indeed able to meet their responsibilities. They ordered this after a preliminary investigation revealed that safety breaches and accusations of patients receiving inadequate care were likely the result of staff shortages.

Willimantic jurors decide if doctors could've saved a girl's life

Although it's been seven years since she died, jurors have finally been selected in the medical malpractice case that was filed by a 3-year-old Willimantic girl's father. They will decide if the two emergency room doctors at Windham Hospital could have stopped the girl's mother and her boyfriend from abusing her to death.

Doctors frequently are sued over poor communication

Each day, patients go and see a doctor because they're not feeling well yet fail to get the answers that they're looking for. Others will go into the hospital to have a surgical procedure performed on them yet come out feeling worse than they originally did or even end up dead. We all expect our doctors to find a way to make us feel better, yet in those instances in which this doesn't occur, many of us wonder why this is the case.

How often do cancer misdiagnoses occur?

Symptoms rarely are unique to a single medical condition, but instead can be associated with a variety of illnesses. Unless a doctor asks enough probing questions in an attempt to distinguish between whether a patient is suffering from one condition or another, then it's possible that they'll assign the wrong diagnosis. This can result in the wrong tests being ordered or harmful medications being prescribed.

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