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Nerve Damage, Burns And Electrical Injuries

One of the most potentially devastating results of a severe burn or electrical injury is nerve damage. The permanent nerve damage caused by a burn or electrocution can cause limited mobility and serious, chronic pain. The neurological component of an electrical injury can also include cognitive disruption, memory loss, and changes in mood and behavior such as depression, paranoia and sudden, unprovoked aggression.

The Connecticut lawyers of Williams, Walsh & O'Connor, LLC, in North Haven, have substantial experience in cases of nerve damage or other neurological injury in electrical or burn injury cases. We can help you seek maximum compensation for the long-term impact of an accident caused by another’s negligence. We can also help you seek the high-quality medical care that may be necessary for recovery.

Help After An Electrical Accident Results In Nerve Damage

Our attorneys can offer you the knowledgeable guidance and experienced representation you need in order to seek financial compensation for the immediate and long-lasting effects of an electrical injury. Recovery may require physical rehabilitation, pain management medication, or even the care of a competent neuropsychologist or other medical specialist.

The Lasting Or Permanent Effects Of Burns And Electrical Injuries

Nerve damage can have complex, long-lasting effects and may require expensive, long-term treatment. The team at Williams, Walsh & O'Connor, LLC, can help you seek the compensation you need to pay for the expert care you need.

Contact our offices in North Haven today for a free consultation. We handle all electrical accident and nerve damage cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning clients are never assessed a legal fee unless or until they receive compensation for their injuries.

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