Tractor-Trailer Accidents Caused By Negligence

Tractor-trailer drivers and trucking companies are required to comply with a number of state and federal laws. Failure to obey these laws puts other motorists on the road at risk.

If the trucking company failed to obey these laws, if the trucker was unlicensed, or if any other form of negligence contributed to or caused your accident, you should learn about your legal options as soon as possible. In tractor-trailer accident cases, it is important to take prompt legal action to seek the best possible results at the earliest time.

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Trucking Regulations, Investigations And Compensation

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration establishes regulations for truckers and trucking companies. These regulations, as well as various state and federal laws, establish the code of conduct for safe truck driving. When truckers fail to obey these laws and regulations, motorists are put at risk. Some of these laws and regulations apply to:

  • Alcohol and drug testing
  • Maximum number of hours driving per day
  • Load securing
  • Driver logbook
  • Driver qualifications
  • Commercial driver’s license (CDL) requirements
  • Transport of hazardous materials
  • Interstate commerce

Our investigation may determine that your accident was caused by noncompliance with a state or federal law, trucking company negligence or truck driver negligence. Once the cause is determined, we will help you pursue compensation to cover a range of expenses, including lost wages, medical costs and injuries.

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