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Injuries To Factory And Warehouse Workers

Factory workers, machine operators and warehouse personnel can get hurt as they do the hard work their jobs require. Sometimes a work injury is caused by a one-time accident, such as a fall or the lifting of a heavy object, and sometimes it comes from repetitive movements performed over a long period of time. In certain cases, workers’ compensation is adequate to meet an employee’s medical and financial needs, and in other cases it is not.

If you are a worker who was hurt, Williams, Walsh & O'Connor, LLC, can talk to you about your injury and explain your legal rights. If you are calling about a loved one who may need legal advice, we can provide it.

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Your case is important because it affects many areas of your life and your family’s well-being. Our firm is highly experienced with work-related injuries and their legal impact. We can help you find answers to important questions like:

  • Can I see my own doctor for treatment?
  • What if my employer or manager is discouraging me from filing a claim?
  • What if workers’ comp is not enough?
  • What if my claim was denied?
  • What can I do if someone else’s negligence caused my accident?
  • What if my injury was caused by a faulty product?
  • What is a third-party claim?
  • If I am hurt, but I can still work, how do I figure out how disabled I am?
  • What if I can’t return to work?
  • No one can see how much pain my back is in. Can I still get benefits?
  • Who will pay for my surgery or rehabilitation?

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