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Helpful tips to stay safe on your bike this autumn

With mild weather, there's no reason for cyclists to hang up their helmets in October. Warmer temperatures and little risk of freeze mean that many bicycle enthusiasts can safely stay on the road through November with the right equipment. Biking in the fall can be thrilling, with brisk winds, fresh scents and beautiful foliage to enjoy. Consider adjusting your air pressure in your tires for lower temperatures and be sure to do regular maintenance and inspections of your bike for any issues with the wheels, chain or gears.

Fall road conditions could be a perfect storm for truck crashes

No one gets onto the road hoping to get into a serious crash. Most drivers take precautions to reduce risks, including adapting driving behaviors that take the weather into account. Unfortunately, not everyone stops to think about the potential impact of changing weather conditions on the road. The fall can be a dangerous time to drive, particularly when you're driving in close proximity to the ever-increasing number of commercial trucks.

What if the police don’t come to the scene of my car accident?

It is generally accepted that after a car accident, it is wise to call law enforcement and wait for them to arrive on the scene before leaving. In some cases, if one or both drivers leave the scene before police or troopers arrive, they may face allegations that they fled the scene. However, one of the primary reasons to wait for police is to make sure that an officer files a proper voice report and that you get a copy.

Understanding when age is a factor in a car crash

No one wants to get into an accident in a motor vehicle, but serious collisions happen all the time. In fact, with 266 traffic fatalities in Connecticut in 2015, a fatal crash occurs, on average, at least every other day. There are thousands of accidents that lead to serious injuries and permanent disabilities. There are many factors that can increase the risk of a crash, such as inebriation, exhaustion, distraction and even age.

Pedestrian fatalities have increased every year since 2005

In 2015, we saw the economy improve; gas prices dropped, and more drivers spent time on the road. Reports show that we also saw an estimated 10 percent increase in pedestrian deaths. The Governors Highway Safety Association points to an overall increase in cellphone use for both drivers and pedestrians as a contributor to the higher fatality rate. In general, the researchers responsible for the report are concerned that pedestrian safety is at risk, not just in Connecticut, but all over the nation.

Don’t get doored on your next bike ride!

Every time you put wheels to pavement and pedal down the street, you may spend half your time watching for hazards and the other half praying that the next car that passes you does not pick the wrong moment to cross into the bike lane. Trying to watch what is going on behind you while keeping one eye on the road ahead can seem very difficult. Some bikers are afraid that a driver parked on the right is going to throw its door open and strike them.

What to do RIGHT AFTER a motor vehicle accident

Nobody wakes up and thinks, "Hmm. I wonder if I'll be injured in a car crash today." But serious accidents happen all the time. It's important to be prepared in case you or one of your family members is hurt by a driver -- whether the injury happens while you or your family member is in a vehicle or is a motorcyclist, pedestrian or biker.

Distracted driving: It's more than just texting

While texting is vilified for being a distraction behind the wheel, there are many other kinds of distractions that can put your life at risk while you are driving. Not getting enough sleep, eating, putting on makeup, talking on a cellphone and other actions are all potential hazards.

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