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3 safety issues that motorcyclists face in the spring

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents

As the sun stays out longer and the overall temperatures rise, many motorcycle riders start to get their vehicles out of storage. Most motorcycle riders wait until mid or late spring before heading out for their first ride of the year. It can be a very joyful experience to get back out after months of feeling cooped up during the winter.

While riders naturally want to enjoy their first rides each year, they also need to be careful about prioritizing their safety. The enthusiasm to get out as soon as the weather is ideal might put someone in a dangerous position. The spring features a host of unique safety concerns for motorcycle riders to address. The following are some of the seasonal concerns that may arise during someone’s earliest rides of the year.

Maintenance issues

A motorcycle that has been in storage for months may have issues that it didn’t have the year before. Rodents may have chewed through electrical wiring, or there might be issues with the brakes. Riders either need to do a thorough inspection and spring tune-up on their own or take their motorcycles to a professional that they trust to get it road-ready before they go out for a ride.

The risk of rain

Precipitation can be a major issue when out on a motorcycle ride. Especially when traveling on roads with higher speed limits, rain and wind can be physically unpleasant and even painful without the right gear. Beyond that, riding on wet pavement is quite dangerous for someone on a motorcycle. They might only be one wrong maneuver away from a crash or laying down their bike in the street. People need to review how to ride safely in the rain and have appropriate gear in case a spring storm blows in suddenly.

Increased animal activity

Animals that hibernated or had very little food during the winter are quite active during the spring months. They are often eager to eat as much as possible or to find a mate. Rabbits, deer and countless other forms of wildlife may be more active. While many of these animals aren’t much of a risk for those in larger vehicles, they can be a serious safety concern for someone on a motorcycle. Even a squirrel or possum could lead to a life-altering motorcycle crash. Riders need to take great care to monitor not just the road ahead of them but also the shoulders of the road to watch for animals who cross the road in front of them.

Motorcycle riders also need to be more careful when it comes to other drivers who may not yet have readjusted to their presence on the road. Understanding how spring weather contributes to motorcycle crash risk may help people stay safer on their first ride of the season. Yet, it cannot be emphasized enough that motorcycle riders should make safety their top priority whenever they go out on the road.