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Anesthesiologists play a large part in the success or failure of medical procedures. Unfortunately, anesthesia errors can occur anywhere from the start of a surgery to recovery, and the results can be devastating. If you suspect an anesthesia mistake resulted in wrongful death or other serious consequence for your family, you have the right to pursue legal action for recovery of damages.

At Williams, Walsh & O'Connor, LLC, we are a proven, trusted resource for people dealing with serious injuries caused by anesthesia errors. Aggressively pursuing medical malpractice actions against anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists, our attorneys understand the legal and technical aspects of these serious cases. Call our New Haven area office at 203-896-4631 or 203-896-4631 to speak with our legal team today. We serve clients throughout Connecticut.

Types Of Anesthesia Errors

There are several errors that can be made in the administration of anesthesia, including:

  • Dosage mistakes
  • Delayed delivery of anesthesia medication
  • Failure to properly intubate
  • Failure to properly monitor a patient
  • Failure to recognize complications
  • Turning off alarm on pulse oximeter, which measures levels of oxygen in the blood
  • Drug or alcohol use by anesthesiologist or by an attending medical provider
  • Under- or oversedation
  • Defective equipment

To avoid anesthesia errors, proper preparation, dosage and administration and rigorous monitoring of the patient are all essential. Unfortunately, accidents happen. As your professional malpractice legal advocates, we will work closely with anesthesiologists and other specialists who have a detailed understanding of this medical field to carefully examine your case and help hold the negligent parties accountable for their actions.

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At Williams, Walsh & O'Connor, LLC, we have extensive experience representing anesthesia accident victims and their families. We know the types of injuries that can result, as well as the treatment needed for recovery. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate your case and vigorously pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

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